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2 Tips That Can Help Strengthen Your Car Accident Claim

by Staff Blogger | July 26th, 2017

After your car accident, you’re feeling stressed and in pain. The biggest concern on your mind is getting to the hospital or doctor and making sure that you and your loved ones are okay.

But the immediate aftermath of an auto accident and the days following it are critical for making sure that you’ll remain eligible to get full compensation for your injury-related expenses. Insurance companies are ready to spring into action when they find out about crashes involving their policyholders, and they know plenty of ways to avoid paying full settlements.

One wrong move can jeopardize your compensation. Here are two tips to remember to help protect your rights after an accident:

  1. Don’t admit fault to the other driver, police officer, or insurance adjuster.
    Even if you think you might have contributed to the accident, it’s important to avoid admitting fault to anyone involved, whether it’s the other driver, the responding police officer, or any representative from the insurance company. Evidence, including surveillance footage, skid marks, and witness statements could prove that the other driver was at-fault.
  2. Don’t accept the first settlement offer from the insurance company.
    Insurance companies know that auto accident victims are in shock, in pain, and worrying about how they’re going to pay their bills. That’s why they may offer settlements right away, long before victims have had a chance to calculate how much they’ll owe for their accident-related expenses.

After you’ve received medical treatment for your injuries, your next priority should be getting a Nashville car accident attorney on your side. We’ll protect your rights by handling communication and negotiation with the insurance company, so that you can focus on getting better. Get a free consultation today and take the first step toward getting the legal representation you deserve.

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