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Hurt in a Crash? Don’t Make These 3 Common Mistakes.

by Staff Blogger | August 19th, 2020

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed after a crash. You’re already in pain due to your injuries, and you may be in shock due to the trauma of the crash and the ensuing adrenaline release. All you want to do is make sure you, your passengers, and everyone else was involved is okay.

But the crash itself may be just the beginning of the crisis for you and your loved ones. That’s because many crash victims either don’t realize the severity of their injuries or even that they are injured at all until hours or days later, causing them to make serious mistakes that can hurt their chances of getting compensation. Those mistakes include:

  1. Not getting immediate medical treatment—The longer you wait to get treated, the worse your injuries may get. In addition, the insurance company may be skeptical about what caused your injuries.
  2. Not reporting the crash to your insurance company—Even if you don’t think you were at fault, you’re still required to report the crash. Failure to do so can make you ineligible for compensation, especially if you have supplemental protection on your policy.
  3. Not calling a lawyer—Consider yourself “lucky” if the insurance company offers you a lowball settlement without a lawyer on your side after a crash. Many car accident victims are given the silent treatment. But with a lawyer helping you, you can pursue the money you’re owed.

In summary: go to the doctor and make two quick phone calls. That’s it!

Those steps alone can save you endless pain, frustration, and unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses. Now make one of those recommended phone calls right now by contacting the Nashville auto accident lawyers at Ponce Law today for a free consultation.

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