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3 Back-to-School Safety Tips All Drivers Should Follow

by Staff Blogger | August 4th, 2021

School is almost back in session in Davidson County and throughout Middle Tennessee, and that means more traffic, more school buses, and reduced speed limits in school zones in the mornings and afternoons. This is an exciting time of year for children, parents, and teachers, but it can also be a dangerous time, especially as drivers re-acclimate to the hustle and bustle of morning and afternoon commutes to and from school.

To do your part in keeping Tennessee’s roads safe during this back-to-school season, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Obey crossing guards, not traffic lights. When you approach a school zone and there’s a crossing guard present, remember that he or she dictates right-of-way, not traffic lights or stop signs. Even if you arrive at an intersection first or have a green light, you shouldn’t proceed until you’re waved through.
  • Never pass a bus that’s picking up or dropping off children. When bus drivers stop to pick up or drop off children, you are forbidden from passing them. Doing so isn’t just dangerous—it’s also illegal.
  • Expect the unexpected—When you drive near schools and through residential areas before and after school, always be prepared for the unexpected. Children may be present and can run into the road at any time. Drive slowly and keep your eyes focused on the road ahead by avoiding distractions.

Following these tips can reduce your risks of being in a crash, but it can’t prevent it. Negligent drivers are everywhere, and when they cause crashes, our Nashville auto accident lawyers hold them accountable. Call Ponce Law if you or someone you love is hurt by a negligent driver—we want to help you get maximum compensation.

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