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3 Examples to Set for Your Children

by Staff Blogger | August 11th, 2021

Parents have a lot on their plates when it comes to keeping their children happy, healthy, and safe. After so many years of keeping these three needs in check, the loss of control that parents experience when their children begin driving can be frightening and stressful.

Although safe driving habits can be taught and learned at any age, parents who instill them into their children from a young age often have an easier time getting them to abide—and getting to sleep at night. Here are three ways that parents can set good examples for their kids:

  • Always buckling up—Wearing your seat belt is the most important thing you can do for reducing your risk of injury and death in a crash. Buckle up on every trip, regardless of how far you’re going.
  • Never driving while distracted—Put your phone down when you start your vehicle and don’t pick it back up until you reach your destination. If you text or make phone calls while driving, your kids may grow up thinking it’s safe and okay to do so.
  • Obeying the speed limit—Many people don’t speed intentionally. Instead, they do so because they’re running late or in fast-moving traffic. But when you speed, you send a message to your kids that speed limits are optional, making them more likely to speed, too.

Teaching good examples both long before your kids are licensed drivers and when they’re preparing for their driver’s license tests can help you turn them into safe and attentive drivers.

Unfortunately, not all drivers in Tennessee are safe or attentive, and when they cause crashes that injure others, we’re here to help. Call the Nashville auto accident lawyers at Ponce Law today for a free consultation if you’re hurt by a negligent driver.

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