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Beware of These Insurance Company Tactics After Your Auto Accident

by Staff Blogger | January 16th, 2019

Most people believe that carrying mandatory auto insurance policies takes most of the frustration and guesswork out of car accident claims. It’s a common assumption to think that when people cause crashes that hurt others or damage their property, their insurance automatically kicks in and pays victims a fair and adequate settlement.

However, that belief is often shattered when auto accident victims pursue compensation for the first time. Many victims run into roadblock after roadblock, and the insurance companies they deal with couldn’t be less cooperative. That’s because insurance companies are in business to make big profits—not to pay out fair settlements to victims like you.

Insurance companies have devised many methods for either reducing victims’ settlements or denying their claims entirely. Knowing about these tactics can help you avoid making common mistakes. Some of those tactics include:

  • Getting victims to admit fault for their crashes—Insurance adjusters may come across as friendly and helpful, but what they’re really after are ways to deny your claim. The more you talk to the insurance adjusters, the more potentially incriminating statements you might give them—even if they have to take your words out of context.
  • Getting victims to accept lowball settlements—When it comes to personal injury claims, one and done is a good rule of thumb. That means victims generally only get one chance at compensation. Insurance companies know that, and they sometimes offer victims small settlements immediately after their crashes. If they accept those offers, they typically can’t pursue more money in the future.

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