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The Most Dangerous Use of Technology

by Staff Blogger | August 10th, 2016

Modern technology has revolutionized the way the work, live, and communicate. From the advent of cell phones to the processing power of our computers, the last twenty years have been a time of technological achievement that we’ve all benefited from. Though how and when we use that technology can be the difference between advancement and devastation.

One of the most dangerous uses of technology today occurs all around you every single day. If you get on any of our Nashville interstates, back roads, or highways, you’ll more than likely encounter dozens of drivers on their cell phones, either making a call, texting, or checking email. The dangers associated with distracted driving are undisputed, leading to thousands of deaths every year. Yet a large number of Nashville drivers still engage in the dangerous behavior, putting you and your family at risk.

At Ponce Law, we hold distracted drivers who cause serious accidents accountable for their carelessness. If the at-fault driver was on their phone or otherwise distracted at the time of the accident, it could have a significant impact on the amount of compensation you’re entitled to. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced investigative team working on your behalf. Our investigative team will work to not only prove who was at fault for the accident but also why they were at fault.

If you’ve been injured by a distracted driver, give our experienced Nashville car accident attorneys a call for a free consultation. Let us fight to get you maximum compensation for your injuries by holding the negligent driver accountable.

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