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Distracted Driving Goes Beyond Cell Phone Usage

by Staff Blogger | April 6th, 2022

When most people hear the phrase “distracted driving,” they think of texting, emailing, or web browsing on a phone while driving. And while those are all extremely common forms of distracted driving, they aren’t the only types of distracted driving that can increase drivers’ risk of crashes.

Other common forms of distracted driving include:

  • Grooming—Putting on makeup, combing hair, and even shaving are all things you’ve probably seen others do behind the wheel, and maybe you’ve even done them yourself. Obviously, they’re extremely dangerous to do while driving and should always be done at home—not in the car!
  • Reaching for items—Before you head out on your commute or trip, make sure everything you need is easily reached and secure. Many crashes occur because drivers reach for things that require them to bend over or twist away from their seats and take their eyes off the road in the process.
  • Unrestrained pets—The sight of a dog hanging out of the window in the driver’s lap is always cute, but it’s also dangerous. Unrestrained pets are extremely distracting, and they can even push gas and brake pedals or knock cars out of gear while they’re in motion. If you’re traveling with a pet, keep it crated.

These are just a few additional ways drivers can be distracted. At Ponce Law, our Nashville auto accident lawyers work hard to hold distracted drivers accountable when they cause accidents and injuries.

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