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Don’t Make These Common Auto Accident Mistakes

by Staff Blogger | March 26th, 2018

At Ponce Law, our Nashville car accident lawyers help many people just like you who were hurt in auto crashes that weren’t their fault. We do everything we can to get them the money they deserve for their medical bills and lost wages, but sometimes victims may unknowingly jeopardize their chances of getting full compensation during the legal process.

Unfortunately, insurance companies employ teams of adjusters who watch claimants carefully and wait for opportunities to reduce or deny their claims. And in many cases, victims unintentionally make mistakes that can keep them from getting the money they need for their accident-related expenses.

Two of the most common and costly mistakes victims can make include:

  • Accepting an initial settlement offer without speaking to a lawyer – Insurance adjusters know that victims may be in shock and worried about their expenses after accidents. They often reach out right away with initial settlement offers that seem substantial, but after accepting, victims are unable to pursue further compensation.
  • Admitting fault for the accident – Whether it’s to the responding police officer, on a social media account, or even directly to the insurance adjuster, admitting fault for the accident can mean losing all opportunities for getting compensation—even if you didn’t cause the crash.

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