How to Drive Safely Around Emergency Vehicles

Whether it’s a police cruiser, an ambulance, a fire truck, or a rescue vehicle, hearing sirens and seeing flashing lights approach can put you on edge. You may be worried that you’re getting pulled over or that you’ll be in the way of the response to a potentially life-threatening emergency. Unfortunately, crashes can and do occur when emergency personnel is responding to calls.

Here’s how you can reduce your risks when driving near emergency vehicles with their flashing lights and sirens activated:

  • Don’t panic or make sudden movements—Just because an emergency vehicle is approaching doesn’t mean you need to immediately swerve. Change lanes to make a path cautiously and never without checking to see if you have room to do so safely.
  • Change lanes if the emergency vehicle is stopped—Tennessee’s Move Over Law was originally created to protect emergency responders, and the law is still enforced today. If you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road up ahead, safely change lanes away from it ASAP.
  • Avoid rubbernecking—Flashing lights are supposed to be eye-catching to alert drivers to the presence of emergency vehicles. But that eye-catching allure can also cause distraction. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and stay focused on the task at hand, especially when approaching a crash scene or an active traffic stop.

When other drivers don’t practice safe driving habits near emergency vehicles, they put themselves and others in danger. If you or someone you love was injured by a negligent driver, the Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law are here to help. Contact us today.


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