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Filing a Car Accident Claim

by mdp | April 8th, 2011

Steps to Take in Filing a Car Accident Claim in Nashville

More than 21,000 car accidents occur every year in and around Nashville and Davidson County, and these collisions leave thousands of people injured as a result. Those who find themselves in this position need to obtain the help of experienced Nashville car accident lawyers for many different reasons that will allow them to maximize their positions and to enforce their legal rights, but in the meantime below are some suggestions regarding what to do after a Nashville car accident has occurred.

Obtain Medical Attention

The first step that should be taken by anyone who has been harmed in a crash is to seek medical attention. Even if someone does not feel that they are seriously injured, those injuries do need to be recorded and there are also serious injuries that can be inflicted that do not manifest themselves completely soon after the crash. Specifically, traumatic brain injuries and other internal harm can be suffered that is extremely dangerous but may not be noticed by the injured person.

Document the Scene

If an injured person is able to do so, he or she should be sure to contact the police after the Nashville car accident after the crash to provide a statement as part of the police report. That injured person should also take steps to record the scene, which can include taking photos of the crash site and making sure that any relevant evidence is preserved.

Avoid Statements to Others

Even though an injured person should provide a basic and brief statement for police that describes what occurred, he or she should not speak to others about the crash, especially the other driver and any insurance company representative who will likely get involved in the aftermath. These statements could prove to be damaging to the overall effort of recovering compensation for the harm that was suffered.

Contact a Nashville Car Accident Attorney

Finally, someone who has been injured in a crash should seek the help of a Nashville car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Obtaining this type of critical help will allow the person who has been harmed to focus on his or her recovery while the attorney makes sure that his or her legal rights are protected and that the steps necessary to do so are properly handled. If this has happened to you or to someone you love, contact the personal injury lawyers of Michael D. Ponce & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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