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We May Still Be Able to Help

by Staff Blogger | January 4th, 2017

New Years is a great time for setting goals. Whether you want to shake a bad habit or lose a few extra pounds, starting the year off on the right foot is important. It’s also a great time for tackling those things you’ve been putting off, such as calling an attorney about your injury claim.

At Ponce Law, we prefer that our clients call us quickly following their accident, because it allows us to collect important evidence and secure vital witnesses before they’re lost forever. However, we may still be able to help you with your injury claim even if your accident occurred months ago. Assuming you haven’t already signed a settlement agreement with the insurance company, our team may still be able to maximize your injury claim, securing money for medical bills, lost wages, and even pain and suffering.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s not too late to call an attorney. Whether we take your case or not, your initial consultation is always free at Ponce Law. If we can help, we’ll do so at no initial cost until we secure money for you. That’s our No Fee Guarantee®. The truth is your injury claim could be worth substantially more than the insurance company is offering, but you won’t know for sure until you give us a call.

Stop putting off getting the legal help you need and contact us today.

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