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Most Accident Victims Call Within Days

by Staff Blogger | January 6th, 2016

You’re considering calling an attorney but want to wait and see what happens with the insurance company first. That may be a bad idea. The longer you wait, the less money you may receive for your injuries. That’s why most people call an attorney within days of an accident, because the sooner an experienced law firm is working on their case, the sooner they can put their accident behind them.

Here are 3 reasons why you should call an attorney immediately following an accident:

  1. Evidence gets lost. The scene of an accident contains a wealth of information that could assist your attorney in getting you maximum compensation. The longer you wait to call, the more evidence is lost, potentially jeopardizing your case before it even begins.
  2. The insurance company won’t wait. Moments after your accident occurred, the insurance company was already building a case against you. If you wait more than a few days or even weeks to call an attorney, you’re giving the insurance company a substantial head start that can be the difference between winning or losing big.
  3. Pressure will continue to build. The insurance company will try to get you to settle quickly before you know the full extent of your injuries. Once you sign, they’re off the hook for any future medical expenses. With mounting medical bills, you may be tempted to sign with the insurance company simply to meet your immediate needs. Call a lawyer instead. Many times, your lawyer can help with your medical expenses, relieving that pressure long enough for you to get the compensation you deserve.

Time is the most important factor in a personal injury case. If you’ve been injured, don’t wait to get the help you need. Call an experienced Nashville attorney today.

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