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Nashville Car Accident Lawyers Examine Car Accident Statistics and Share Prevention Tips

by Staff Blogger | January 17th, 2014

January 17, 2014

Car Accidents are the greatest hazard many Americans face on a daily basis. More than 40,000 United States citizens are killed each year as the result of motor vehicle collisions, making car accidents the number one cause of death among individuals under 34 years old.

The Nashville Car Accident Lawyers at Ponce Law explain that these statistics leave many citizens wondering what the most dangerous times to drive are, and what they can do to help prevent accidents from happening.

According to a Forbes magazine report, the month of August is the most dangerous month to drive due to higher traffic volumes caused by summer travelers. Furthermore, Saturday was ranked as the most dangerous day of the week to drive for similar reasons.

No matter what month or day of the week it is, you can help make the road a safer place by:

  • Driving at Safe Speeds – Excessive rates of travel play a part in roughly 30 percent of all fatal collisions.
  • Getting a Sober Ride Home – An estimated 54 percent of fatal nighttime accidents are alcohol related. Instead of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, call a cab or loved one to get you home safely.
  • Avoiding Distractions Behind the Wheel – Studies have shown texting or talking on a cellphone while driving can be as dangerous as driving drunk.

The Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers with Michael D. Ponce & Associates are hopeful these tips help to keep you and your family safe while traveling!

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