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How Social Media Can Hurt Your Auto Accident Claim

by Staff Blogger | December 12th, 2018

Social media is great for staying connected with family and friends, but it can be damaging when it comes to pursuing compensation after an auto accident. At Ponce Law, our Nashville car accident lawyers know that insurance companies will use every resource at their disposal to reduce or deny claims, including victims’ social media accounts.

Adjusters are known to keep tabs on claimants by regularly checking in on their status updates, photo uploads, and tweets, and they often use the posts on those accounts against them. Two types of posts that could jeopardize your claim include:

  • Posts directly concerning your crash or claim—The accident-related information that insurance adjusters get from police reports, medical records, attorneys, and victims themselves is considered “official” in their minds. If you post updates online that might be contrary to that information, the adjuster may hold those statements against you.
  • Photos showing you engaging in “normal” activities—Another way that adjusters use social media against victims is by checking for photo uploads. If pictures are posted that show you out and about with family or friends, the adjuster may use them as evidence that your injuries aren’t as bad as you and your lawyer describe—and that means they aren’t worthy of compensation.

Of course, adjusters rarely ask victims to explain the things they find in their social media accounts. Instead, they quietly collect evidence to be used against them at a later date. Don’t give the insurance company any leeway—avoid social media as much as possible while your claim is ongoing and do your best to follow your attorney’s instructions until your case concludes.

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