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Tips for Driving in Heavy Fog

by Staff Blogger | February 13th, 2020

Most people are aware of the dangers of inclement weather like heavy rain, ice, and snow. But fog can be extremely dangerous, too. That’s because it can severely limit visibility to the point where seeing more than a few feet in front of your vehicle is difficult or impossible.

It’s important to never take fog lightly when you’re driving. Not only does it significantly increase your risks of being involved in a crash, but it can also worsen without warning. You may have visibility of dozens of feet, only to suddenly be unable to see more than one car length ahead.

Following these tips can help you reduce your risks while driving in light, medium, or heavy fog:

  • Reduce your speed—The best guideline for all types of inclement weather is to simply reduce your speed. Slowing down means you have more time to react and slow down or stop to avoid a potential collision. When driving in fog, you drive upon slowed or stopped traffic, and traveling below the speed limit means you’ll have enough time to reduce your speed even further.
  • Turn on headlights, but not your brights—Having some extra light while driving in fog, even during the daytime, can make it easier to see what’s in front of you and for other drivers to see you. But your bright lights can have the opposite effect, as the fog will reflect them back towards you, making it more difficult to see.
  • Avoid all distractions—Being able to quickly react to potential obstacles and hazards is essential while driving, particularly when there’s fog. You never know what’s up ahead when your visibility is limited, and if you look away from the road even momentarily, it may be enough to cause a serious crash.

If you or someone you love gets injured in a fog-related crash, you may be eligible for compensation, especially if the other driver was speeding, distracted, or otherwise failed to drive safely. Contact the Nashville auto accident lawyers at Ponce Law today for a free consultation.

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