Tips for Driving Safely When Approaching and Inside a Roundabout

Roundabouts are extremely common in Europe and other parts of the world, but they’re far less common in the U.S. Nashville and Middle Tennessee have a few roundabouts, but most drivers here don’t encounter them every day. When they enter a roundabout, they may be confused and unsure of what to do.

Knowing how to safely navigate a roundabout can keep you, your passengers, and other motorists safe:

  • Slow down when approaching a roundabout.

You don’t have to come to a complete stop at a roundabout if no vehicles are in it, but you are required to slow down.

  • Yield to vehicles in the roundabout.

Don’t enter a roundabout if a vehicle is approaching in your direction. If it exits the roundabout and there are no vehicles behind it, you can enter the roundabout.

  • Be aware of pedestrians.

Many roundabouts include pedestrian walkways and crosswalks. Always keep an eye out for pedestrians when approaching and driving through roundabouts.

  • Don’t stop in a roundabout.

Once you’re in a roundabout, you have the right of way. That means you don’t have to stop for vehicles attempting to enter the roundabout, and doing so could cause a crash.

If you or someone you love gets hurt in a crash in a roundabout, we want to help you get compensation. Although not all drivers are familiar with roundabouts, lack of knowledge isn’t a valid excuse to get out of liability for any damages caused by a crash. Contact the Nashville auto accident lawyers at Ponce Law today for a free consultation.


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