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Tips for Staying Safe on a Scooter

by Staff Blogger | August 26th, 2019

Scooters are everywhere in Nashville, especially in the city’s most walkable areas. And while they’re convenient and fun to ride, it can be extremely dangerous for riders when they’re ridden near traffic. In May 2019, a scooter rider was struck by a vehicle in Nashville and died from his injuries.

Many cities, including Nashville, have gone back and forth on the safety and legality of scooters, but at the moment, it appears they’re here to stay. If you choose to ride a scooter, keep these safety tips in mind to reduce your risks:

  • Wear a helmet—Anytime you travel on two wheels, wearing a helmet may be the one step you take that saves your life. That’s true for bicycles and motorcycles, and it’s also true for scooters.
  • Don’t double up—Scooters are meant to be ridden by one person at a time. Never double up on a scooter, even if you and another person don’t exceed the weight limit. Riding with another person makes it more difficult to control your scooter, even if the other passenger is a small child.
  • Follow traffic laws—Just because you’re on a scooter doesn’t mean you can ignore stop signs, traffic lights, and lanes. Ride like you’re in your vehicle, and follow all traffic laws as closely as possible—including speed limits signs.

While some scooter accidents are riders’ fault, others are caused by negligent drivers. If you or someone you love was hurt by a careless driver, the Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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