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What Information Should You Get at the Accident Scene?

by Staff Blogger | December 23rd, 2019

The aftermath of an auto accident can feel like a blur. Crashes are loud, painful, and traumatic, and it can be difficult to think straight immediately afterward—especially if you’ve been injured. But if you’re capable of doing so, there are a few things you should do when you’re still at the accident scene to help improve your chances of getting compensation.

In addition to calling 911 and waiting for police and emergency responders to arrive, you should also do your best to collect vital information related to the crash. That information includes:

  • The other driver’s name, contact details, and insurance information—Getting the other driver’s information is essential for your claim. Get their name, phone number, email, and their insurance details before you leave the scene. When speaking to the other driver, never admit fault for the crash or apologize, which could also be seen as admitting fault to the insurance company.
  • Witnesses’ names and contact information—Anyone who saw the crash occur can provide a valuable testimony of the events leading up to impact, which can help prove that you weren’t liable for the accident. Getting full contact information from witnesses can create important evidence for your claim.
  • Responding officer’s name, badge number, and police report number—In Tennessee, all auto accidents involving injuries or property damage must be reported to police so that they can properly document them. When the officer arrives, getting the information listed above can help you more easily track down the accident report when your claim is being built.

In addition to following these steps, it’s also vital to contact an experienced Nashville car accident lawyer at Ponce Law. We’re able to help you get the money you deserve, and we’re ready to start today.

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