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When Can Auto Accident Victims Get Punitive Damages?

by Staff Blogger | December 2nd, 2020

After an auto accident that wasn’t their fault, victims can file compensation claims against at-fault drivers. These are considered personal injury claims or lawsuits, and they are designed to provide money for victims so they can pay their medical bills and recoup their lost wages. But in some cases, victims can receive money from a second legal action: punitive damages.

Typically, compensation claims are paid from the at-fault party’s insurance policy. That means they usually pay little, if any money out of pocket. These claims are designed solely to avoid causing the victims undue financial burdens. Punitive damages, on the other hand, can only be paid out of pocket, and they’re designed to punish negligent drivers.

Punitive damages are rarely awarded after crashes, even when drivers were obviously negligent. For example, it’s rare for a victim to get punitive damages from a driver who was distracted, speeding, or even impaired. However, if the driver was traveling significantly above the speed limit or significantly impaired, there’s a chance that the victim may be eligible for punitive damages.

After a crash, it’s important to have an experienced Nashville auto accident lawyer investigate what happened and collect all the facts. At Ponce Law, we always check if punitive damages are applicable, and if they are, we work hard to ensure our clients get all the money they’re owed.

Contact us today for a free consultation if you’ve been in a crash and need assistance. It’s our goal to get you paid, whether that’s through negotiating the maximum personal injury settlement or even pursuing punitive damages against a driver who was incredibly reckless or intentionally dangerous behind the wheel.

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