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Nashville Defective Product Lawyers Break Down the VW Emissions Scandal

by Staff Blogger | September 28th, 2015

When you buy a car or truck, you expect it to function as advertised. So what happens when a vehicle is defective or manufacturers mislead consumers? The Nashville defective product lawyers at Ponce Law explain that criminal and civil legal action may be taken.

The controversy surrounding hidden data regarding poor emissions tests on certain diesel vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen (VW) highlights the repercussions of failing to meet quality standards.

In Dec. 2014, VW sent letters to owners of certain models of Audi and VW diesel vehicles in California explaining the emissions software in their vehicles required an update to ensure proper function. A further investigation by federal officials concluded that VW concealed data from the public that showed some diesel vehicles didn’t perform on emissions tests as well as was advertised.

According to Reuters, as many as 11 million vehicles worldwide could be affected by the recall that follows the release of these findings. Furthermore, more than two dozen lawsuits were filed, and VW has allocated $7.3 billion to cover costs associated with faulty vehicles.

If you own a diesel VW or Audi vehicle affected by emissions scandal, a lawyer may be able to help protect your rights to compensation. Feel free to meet our attorneys to learn more about how we can help.

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