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Volkswagen Recall Lawsuits

by Staff Blogger | May 6th, 2016

In Nashville, we all make the trek to our favorite emissions testing site once a year when our tags come up for renewal. Although some dread the procedure, it’s a necessary step in protecting the air quality of our city by ensuring vehicles are operating as they should. For Volkswagen and Audi owners with a “Clean Diesel” turbodiesel (TDI) engine, these trips were a sense of pride—a reminder that their cars were environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. But in 2015, that all changed.

Researchers at West Virginia University discovered that Volkswagen had built technology into many of their TDI vehicles that cheated the emissions testing system into thinking their vehicles ran cleaner than they actually did. As a result, the company is facing more than $18 billion in EPA fines, as well as consumer class action lawsuits brought forth by hundreds, if not thousands of owners.

Volkswagen and Audi models with these rigged emissions systems include:

  • VW Jetta (2009-2015)
  • VW Jetta Sportwagen (2009-2014)
  • VW Beetle (2012-2015)
  • VW Beetle Convertible (2012-2015)
  • Audi A3 (2010-2015)
  • VW Golf (2010-2015)
  • VW Golf Sportwagen (2015)
  • VW Passat (2012-2015)

It’s always a shame when a brand you trust lets you down, but you can do something about it. The consumer fraud lawyers at Ponce Law are actively seeking Volkswagen consumer fraud victims for a nationwide class action lawsuit. If you own one of the Volkswagen or Audi models above, give us a call immediately. You may be entitled to compensation, but your time to join this class action lawsuit is limited, so call now.

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