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Diabetes Drugs Linked to Serious Health Problems

by Staff Blogger | February 14th, 2018

People with Type 2 diabetes—also known as adult onset diabetes—have problems with their bodies’ levels of insulin, as they either don’t produce enough of it or their bodies resist utilizing available insulin.

That can lead to problems controlling blood sugar levels, as even strict diets may be ineffective for some patients. In recent years, there have been several drugs released that are designed to help patients control their blood sugar levels, but they have been linked to serious side effects and health problems.

Serious health conditions linked to diabetes drugs include:

  • Cancer – An entire class of Type 2 diabetes medications, including Onglyza®, Byetta®, Januvia®, Janumet®, Tradjenta®, and Victoza® may increase patients’ risk of developing pancreatic cancer.
  • Ketoacidosis and amputations – Invokana® and Invokamet® are also Type 2 diabetes medications, and they’ve been linked to an increased risk of leg and foot amputations and ketoacidosis—a potentially fatal condition that involves the release of dangerous acids into the bloodstream.
  • Heart failure – Onglyza® and a related drug, Kombiglyze® XR, are also linked to heart failure in some patients. Heart failure is a condition that occurs when a patient’s heart loses its ability to pump enough blood to meet the needs of other organs.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has administered warnings on many of these drugs, but they’re still on the market and being prescribed to patients.

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