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Nashville Attorney Successfully Represents Employment Discrimination Victim

by mdp | August 7th, 2015

Ponce Law attorney Nina Parsley recently negotiated a successful outcome for a client in a disabilities discrimination case. Our client had been wrongfully terminated when his boss found out he has HIV/AIDS. His disease did not affect his ability to perform his job duties. Nina says, “No one should be fired just because of social stigmas associated with having certain medical conditions or disabilities.”

Our client was told by his former employer that he has too many issues going on to do his work—even though he was managing his condition with medication. After filing a lawsuit on our client’s behalf, Nina was able to negotiate payment of all of our client’s back wages and additional compensation for the humiliation and embarrassment he went through.

Our client is now working for a good employer who appreciates his contributions, and his former employer learned a lesson about discriminating against workers with disabilities. Nina Parsley is a skilled Nashville employment discrimination attorney who is not afraid to take on employers who discriminate. She has also successfully litigated numerous cases involving sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, age discrimination, and wage and hours violations.”

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