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You Have Rights as an Employee

by Staff Blogger | September 30th, 2016

We give a good portion of our lives to our jobs. The 40-50 hour weeks you’ll put in over the course of your career will add up to years of your life spent in the pursuit of making a living. That level of investment in your company is worth more than the paycheck you receive every week. It warrants respect and gratitude from your employer. Unfortunately, not all Nashville employers honor the contributions of their employers, which sometimes leads to legal disputes that could have been avoided if the employer had simply done the right thing.

Fortunately, Nashville workers have a legal advocate ready to step in and defend their rights in the workplace. At Ponce Law, we handle a variety of employment law case types, including discrimination, disabilities, and wage disputes. We know the law and hold employers accountable when they violate it.

That’s why if your rights have been compromised in the workplace, you should give us a call for a free consultation. We’re ready to hear your story and help determine whether or not you have an employment law case. If so, we’ll do everything within our power to protect your rights and get you compensation for what you’ve been put through. You don’t have to go through this alone. Call us today.

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