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Life Insurance Policyholders Have Rights

by Staff Blogger | July 3rd, 2017

Life insurance companies are no different than auto insurance companies in the fact that they make their money by taking in more premiums than they pay out. Depending on the product and the health of the individual, they stand to make a healthy profit over the course of the policy. There’s nothing wrong with that—as long as the terms agreed upon are upheld by both parties. That is definitely not the case with life insurance company fraud.

If you’ve secured a life insurance policy, it is your responsibility to pay the premiums on time without fail. It is the insurance company’s responsibility to provide coverage you at the premium amount you agreed upon. However, some life insurance companies are trying to increase premiums on unsuspecting policyholders, leaving them with one of two options: cancel the policy and lose their benefits, or pay the inflated premiums for the exact same policy. If that doesn’t seem right to you, it’s because it isn’t.

If your life insurance company is trying to inflate your premiums, call us today for a free consultation. You have rights as a policyholder, and our Nashville life insurance company fraud attorneys are ready to stand up for those rights. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you and your family. Call us today for your no cost, no obligation consultation.

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