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Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Talk Safety as Warm Weather Approaches

by Staff Blogger | January 21st, 2015

Spring weather will soon be upon us in Tennessee and you can soon expect to see more motorcycles on the road. The Nashville motorcycle accident lawyers with Ponce Law point out that an increase in motorcycle traffic volume correlates with a rise in the number of accidents involving bikes. In fact, 122 motorcyclists lost their lives in 2014, with a majority of those accidents occurring during the spring and summer.

Numbers like these leave many motorcyclists wondering what they can do to stay safe on the road. A few suggestions include:

  • Wearing Safety Gear– Most experts agree that wearing a helmet is one of the best ways to protect your health and safety on a motorcycle. Eye protection is also vital to safety.
  • Getting Training– A majority of motorcycle accidents involve riders who have never had formal safety training. That’s why we suggest signing up to take a motorcycle safety course before taking your bike out on the road this year. The Tennessee Motorcycle Rider Education program facilitates these courses at different locations across the state throughout the year. Classes are available for all levels of riders. In fact, the organization sponsors Learn To Ride, which is sponsoring an experienced rider safety course this coming Saturday, Jan. 24. There are still four seats available, so sign up now.
  • Being Vigilant- Many motorcycle accidents occur because motorists simply don’t see oncoming motorcycles. That’s why motorcyclists should drive defensively, and drivers of other vehicles should look twice before maneuvering into or out of traffic.

Our Nashville personal injury lawyers hope these tips help you to stay safe on the road!

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