How Does Motorcycle Gear Protect Riders?

Drivers and passengers in cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs are always at risk of suffering injuries during accidents, but modern safety features have made them significantly safer than they were in previous decades. In addition to things like crash detection systems, lane assist warning systems, and automatic emergency braking, seat belts and air bags provide even more protection to passengers.

Motorcycles, on the other hand, have no built-in safety features. That means riders are responsible for their own safety. Thankfully, riders can significantly reduce their risks of severe injuries during accidents by wearing the right gear, but they must wear it on every trip, no matter how short or familiar it is.

The individual pieces of essential riding gear motorcyclists should always wear include:

  • Industry-approved helmet: Helmets are crucial, as they protect the head and significantly reduce the risk of brain injuries.
  • Riding jacket and pants: Road rash is a serious threat for riders during accidents, and thick jackets and pants can help protect riders’ skin if they’re thrown from their bikes.
  • Gloves and boots: Hands and feet are often the first two body parts to hit the ground during accidents. Thick gloves protect the hands and fingers, while boots protect the feet, ankles, and shins during crashes.

The Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys at Ponce Law have helped many injured riders throughout the mid-state area, and we know that the ones with the best prognosis after accidents are the ones who wear the proper safety gear.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a motorcycle accident that was caused by a negligent driver, we want to help. Call us today for a free consultation.


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