AmandaSeigrl Masters

AmandaSeigrl Masters

Third Grade

Seigel Elementary
I wanna nominate my wife for this. I wish it was was a wife award as well. So many teachers don't get the recognition they deserve. My wife is one of them. The countless hours my wife spends after school is unreal. Not just at school but at home as well. The many weekends she spends at our dinning room table lesson planning,grading papers or just making and creating activities for her students. You will never meet one of my wife's current of former student's,that will have a bad thing to say about her. Nor will they say they ever went without an I love you or a hug at the beginning and end of the day. One of the things my wife takes a lot of pride in,is helping new teachers. She has had several student teachers. Each one of them has left her room with great ideas,more knowledge than they can handle and a smile. She not only mentored them. They earned a friend and some one they can always count on for advice or someone to talk to. Not only is she a wonderful teacher. She always makes time to be a wonderful wife and mom. My wife has spent many of her summers teaching summer school. Yes for extra money. But also to make sure that child gets all the help they need to pass to the next grade to make sure that child fully understands what they have learned. But to also let that child know they are important and loved by her. My wife takes so much pride in molding young children. My wife puts so much aside as far everyday life,things she loves to do. To make sure she has done all she can to make sure that child leaves her room a better student. I nominate my wife not only bc she is a great teacher,but a women who wants to see every child succeed and know they are important. After 15yrs of teaching 2 different grades. She still puts just as much time and pride in her job that she did day one.

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