Michelle Nelson

Michelle Nelson

Fifth Grade

Franklin Road Academy Middle School
This is a difficult year to nominate just one teacher. They are all amazing and they all do so much for our children. They have unimaginable pressure first with the pandemic and now with keeping kids safe. We have a teacher who is in the Lead for the 5th grade who makes learning fun and makes teaching look easy. Her name is Mrs. Nelson and everyone at FRA knows and loves her. Our kids enter middle school in the 5th grade. It is the perfect "soft" landing. She loves them and teaches them to be independent. They are ready and she pushes them to their potential. She loves them through their missteps. They do JA Biz town, a wax museum and dress in character for their favorite book report. But Ms. Nelson found a passion in my son in history and Georgraphy. She challenged him to reach outside his comfort level. In 5th grade he won the school's National Geographic Geography Bee and was able to participate in the state event. He was a repeat winner the following year. National Geographic did not continue with this even after that year - but he has switched to the National and International History and Geography Bees. Ms. Nelson identified an area he was passionate about and found a way for him to excell. She provided him with the resources and support to advance. The following year Randy (my son) wrote a paper about his hero and he wrote it about Mrs. Nelson. I have had three children who have been blessed with the many great teachers at Franklin Road Academy and all 3 have had Mrs. Nelson. She is an unsung hero. She is an advocate for her fellow teachers and her students. In the year where all teachers should received an award it is hard to pick that one teacher who stands out. Mrs. Nelson has been that for our family and the families at Franklin Road Academy This is an email you get before day one in 5th grade Hello, PLEASE READ THIS TO YOUR 5TH GRADER … You know that feeling you get when you are on a rollercoaster ride going UP the big hill? You know what’s coming. You paid get in the line to do this. You your turn. You saw everyone getting off the ride laughing and happy as they left... But still, there is that odd moment on that hill where you feel just a little sick, just a little afraid, just a little nervous about the risk you wanted to take? THAT is how the first day of school STILL feels to me, and this is my 29th first day of school! Here is all you need to know for tomorrow: 1. Bring a backpack with a snack in it. You will be hungry and we will give you time to eat it. Promise. 2. We will let you go to the bathroom. We have breaks planned and if you need to go in between, then you will go. Promise. 3. No one gets an infraction on the first day of school. Like, no one. Promise. 4. We will walk everywhere together tomorrow. No one will get lost. Like, no one. Promise. 5. Your parents will not forget to come get you. They will be at hook-up waiting for you. Promise. Know that Mrs. Schwaner, Mrs. Kent, and I have been praying for you already and we are so excited to have you coming to school tomorrow. It is going to a be a WONDERFUL day. Sleep well! The 5th grade team

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