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What Compensation is Available for Nursing Home Abuse Victims and Their Families?

by Staff Blogger | August 15th, 2018

It’s difficult to move your loved one into a nursing home. Although moves like that are done with the best intentions in mind, it can be hard to trust your loved one’s health and even life into the hands of strangers, no matter how well trained or qualified they are.

Unfortunately, the reluctance and fears that some family members have for their loved ones become a reality when nursing home staff members and healthcare providers are negligent or abusive. A study showed that residents at one out of every three nursing homes are the victim of some type of abuse or neglect.

If you find out that your loved one was mistreated while living in a nursing home, the Nashville nursing home abuse lawyers at Ponce Law want to fight to get you compensation for:

  • Medical bills—Nursing home abuse and neglect victims may require extensive medical care to recover from the injuries or illnesses they suffered at the hands of staff members.
  • Pain and suffering—Abused or neglected residents may suffer for weeks, months, or even years. Even after they’re moved to new facilities or the mistreatment stops, they may suffer from poor health, reduced mobility, and even psychological issues for years to come.
  • Punitive damages—When residents are intentionally or violently abused, they and their family members can seek punitive damages against the nursing home or individual staff members.

It’s important to have an experienced law firm on your side when dealing with a nursing home abuse case. Nursing homes are often part of billion-dollar corporations, and their insurers don’t want to pay money to victims and their families without a fight.

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