3 Critical Halloween Safety Tips All Parents Should Know

Every year, hundreds of children across the U.S. are seriously injured or even killed after being struck by vehicles. Halloween night is one of the riskiest nights for pedestrians, especially children. If your child is going trick-or-treating tonight, keep these tips in mind to reduce their risks:

  1. Accompany young children—Don’t let young children trick-or-treat unaccompanied by an adult. Whether you, your spouse, or another adult is accompanying your child, the adult should ensure that the children stick to sidewalks and crosswalks and that they only cross the street when they have a walk signal or are waved through by a crossing guard.
  2. No masks while walking—If your child’s costume includes a mask that limits their vision, have them take it off or pull it up over their face while they’re walking. Masks that obscure vision can put kids in danger when walking near traffic.
  3. Avoid long costumes—Long costumes that drag on the ground, including costumes with robes or capes, can be tripping hazards, especially for children. Avoid these costumes when possible, and if your child’s costume is too long, trim or pin it so that it doesn’t touch the ground or interfere with his or her ability to walk.

These tips can help kids walk safely from house to house tonight, but kids and their parents still need to be aware of vehicles even in residential areas and subdivisions. At Ponce Law, we’re always available to help Middle Tennesseans who have been injured by negligent drivers, and that includes on Halloween night. Contact our Nashville pedestrian accident lawyers anytime for a free consultation.


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