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What Responsibilities Do Drivers Have to Avoid Hitting Pedestrians?

by Staff Blogger | July 13th, 2022

Parts of Nashville are filled with pedestrians, especially on weekends. When people drive through those areas, they must be on high alert for pedestrians. That’s because pedestrians have the right-of-way in most situations, and when drivers hit them, they’re often ruled at fault.

Tennessee law states that drivers must take the following precautions around pedestrians:

  • Yield right-of-way to pedestrians in all marked crosswalks
  • Yield right-of-way to pedestrians when emerging from alleys or driveways
  • Stop at marked crosswalks for pedestrians in school zones and yield at unmarked crosswalks for pedestrians in school zones
  • Never pass other vehicles that are stopped at crosswalks

While pedestrians have the right-of-way in many situations, they must exercise caution of their own when walking around traffic. That includes following these guidelines and laws:

  • Use sidewalks when available (unless obstructed)
  • Use the left side of the roadway facing traffic when not on a sidewalk
  • Yield to vehicles when crossing the road outside of a crosswalk
  • Don’t walk on an interstate

Both drivers and pedestrians can reduce their risk of accidents by avoiding distractions. Drivers shouldn’t use their phones or vehicle infotainment systems, and pedestrians should avoid texting, web browsing, or even listening to music while walking, as being able to see and hear nearby traffic is important for staying safe.

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