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Insurance Companies Avoid Paying

by mdp | April 28th, 2011

5 Ways Insurance Companies May Try to Avoid Paying Out

When Tennessee car accidents occur and someone is injured, one of the first steps that’s usually taken is to file a claim with the appropriate insurance company or companies. While many people consider this to be a relatively simple process, the fact of the matter is that obtaining a recovery can be anything but smooth and simple. Those who have encountered a struggle with an insurance company should immediately seek the help of experienced Tennessee car accident lawyers who understand some of the common tactics employed by insurance companies who are working to avoid paying a claim. Below is a look at a few of these tactics.

Request Enormous Amounts of Documentation

1One common tactic used by insurance companies when someone seeks a financial recovery is to request enormous amounts of documentation. Much of this documentation may not even relate to the accident that led to the claim, but rather involves the claimant’s medical history.

Deny the Initial Claim

2Many insurance companies make it all but a practice to regularly deny the initial claim that’s filed. Doing so may dissuade some people from continuing to pursue a recovery through the complicated channels that exist within the language of an insurance policy.

Delayed Response From Insurance Companies

3Another common and frustrating tactic used by insurance companies is to simply delay the response to a claim that’s filed. When this is done, the stress felt by someone who is already injured and whose medical bills and other losses are mounting only increases.

Present a Lowball Offer

4Across the entire insurance industry, many companies are notorious for providing settlement offers on a claim that are egregiously low and that do not even cover basic expenses. If enough people accept these lowball offers, large amounts of money can be saved.

Push against the Statute of Limitations

5Finally, insurance companies will often stick to a low offer when the statute of limitations is coming soon. This tactic basically dares the injured person to file a Tennessee personal injury lawsuit, which many do not want to do. Overall, insurance companies do not work for those who are injured, as they are for-profit corporations.

Options for Auto Accident Insurance Problems

If you or someone you love has been harmed in a crash or other type of accident, seek the help of experienced Tennessee accident attorneys before getting involved with insurance companies. Contact Michael D. Ponce & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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