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Who Can You Trust After an Accident or Injury?

by Staff Blogger | November 22nd, 2017

If you were recently injured in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or any other type of accident, you may feel anxious and isolated. It’s normal to want to share your experience with others during such a distressing time. But it’s important to remember that discussing the details of your accident can potentially put your future in jeopardy, especially if you’re pursuing a claim for compensation.

That’s why it’s important to watch what you say after the accident. The best policy is to be honest. But you shouldn’t admit fault or blame yourself for the accident prematurely, as further review may prove that you had no liability.

However, you don’t have to keep the details of your accident completely to yourself. You can trust and lean on the support of the following parties:

  • Nashville personal injury lawyer. Attorneys will need as much information as possible to build a strong claim for you, but they keep all communication strictly confidential.
  • Your spouse or other immediate family members. Don’t hold back when talking to your loved ones about your accident, but make sure they know to not share the details about what happened on social media or with their friends and co-workers.

Having a legal advocate on your side is important after an accident or injury, and our legal team wants to protect your rights to compensation. We know how to handle all communication with the insurance company and other parties on your behalf. Call today for a free consultation to find out how Ponce Law can help.

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