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Impacts of Tort Reform on Nashville Accident Victims

by Staff Blogger | September 5th, 2016

We’re heading into another heated political season. Over the next several months, you are going to hear rhetoric from both sides on a number of issues. From global warming to tax plans, there will be no shortage of opinions on the right direction for our country. One issue that may come up at some point is tort reform.

Essentially, tort reform is an effort to reduce the award limits on personal injury cases and to make it more difficult for injury claims to see the inside of a courtroom. What does that mean for Nashvillians if tort reform happens? It means that if you’re in a car accident, are injured, and the at-fault driver’s insurance company refuses to pay you what you deserve, it may be more difficult to take them to court. That could leave you and your family holding the bill for medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

At Ponce Law, we’re not much for politics. However, when an issue arises that threatens our clients’ ability to take care of their families after sustaining an injury that wasn’t their fault, we’ll be the first to speak up. We’ve committed our professional lives to protecting the rights of accident victims, and we’ll continue to do so no matter who is elected president in November.

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