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Jury Awards Truck Driver $3.7 Million for Injuries Sustained in TN Traffic Accident

by mdp | June 11th, 2013

Trucking Accident1A Tennessee jury recently awarded $3.7 million in damages to Donriel A. Borne, a truck driver who suffered debilitating injuries when his big-rig was struck from behind by another semi-truck on I-55 in Memphis. The jury verdict against Indianapolis-based Celadon Trucking Services, Inc. came after a two-week trial in Shelby County Circuit Court, overseen by Judge Robert S. Weiss. The decision to take the personal injury case to trial was made after attempts to resolve the issue through negotiation and mediation failed. According to Borne’s attorney, the defense offered the disabled truck driver a mere $25,000 as compensation for his trucking accident injuries. If you have been seriously injured in a trucking accident in Tennessee, contact our reputable attorneys at Michael D. Ponce & Associates for legal help. With our experienced legal team on your side, you can protect your rights and seek fair and timely reimbursement for your injuries.

Adverse Effects of TN Trucking Accidents

Until you are involved in a serious trucking accident yourself, it is difficult to imagine the devastating impact trucking accident injuries can have on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Because of their sheer size and weight, semi-trucks and big-rigs typically inflict serious harm on individuals involved in collisions with the commercial trucks. In addition to causing physical harm though, trucking accidents can result in a significant financial and emotional hardship as well, if the resulting injuries are fatal or prevent the victim from returning to work or earning an income, either temporarily or indefinitely. In order to pursue compensation for these considerable losses, victims of TN trucking accidents may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person or party found at-fault in the accident.

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There are a number of possible causes of Tennessee trucking accidents, including impaired driving (drugs or alcohol), speeding, distracted driving, or drowsy driving – a serious concern given the long hours truck drivers are typically on the road without taking a break. In some cases, commercial trucks may be poorly maintained by the trucking company, in which case the company itself may be held liable for the accident victim’s injuries and medical bills. In Borne’s case, the $3.7 million jury award is intended to compensate Borne for his injuries, loss of earnings and earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, and current and future medical expenses. If you have suffered truck accident injuries in Nashville, or elsewhere in TN, and you believe another person or party to be at fault, consult our qualified lawyers at Michael D. Ponce & Associates today.

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