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Nashville One of Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians

by Staff Blogger | June 20th, 2016

One of the best things about Nashville is it’s a pedestrian-friendly city. Thanks to good sidewalks and beautifully scenic greenways, you can pretty much walk from one side of the city to the other. Walking is a great way to experience Nashville while keeping healthy at the same time. Unfortunately, careless drivers can turn a leisurely stroll through the city into a nightmare you may not wake up from.

In recent years, Nashville has been named one of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians with more than 210 pedestrian deaths since 2003. Drivers failing to yield to pedestrians due to negligence or distraction is one of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents, and we believe it needs to stop. At Ponce Law, we’re not legislators or politicians. We’re lawyers. We can’t change laws to protect pedestrians, but we can hold careless drivers accountable for the injuries they cause pedestrians and bikers on Nashville roads.

If you’ve been injured by a careless driver, call our experienced Nashville pedestrian accident lawyers today for a free consultation. We’ll investigate the cause of your accident and hold the responsible party accountable. If you deserve to be compensated for your injuries, we’ll fight to make sure you are.

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