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Never Miss a Doctor’s Appointment

by Staff Blogger | March 7th, 2016

As your lawyers, we’re committed to getting you the maximum compensation in the least amount of time. That requires a great deal of effort on our part—a responsibility we’re happy to fulfill. Although the success of your case depends heavily on us, you shoulder a huge responsibility that could be the difference between winning big and leaving money on the table.

The most important thing you need to focus on following your accident is your recovery. You do that by leaving the heavy legal lifting to us and getting the medical treatment you need. That means going to doctor’s visits and rehab sessions on a consistent basis over the next several months, without missing even one. It might seem unlikely that one missed appointment could jeopardize your case, but it can and here’s why.

As your personal injury lawyers, we’re doing our best to tell the true story of your accident. A large part of that story are the injuries you sustained and the extent of medical care it will take to get you back on your feet again. If you miss an appointment, the insurance company may use that as evidence that you’re not really injured—a ridiculous accusation, but we’ve seen it done. By staying diligent in your medical treatment, you stay beyond reproach in regard to your injuries and make our job a lot easier.

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