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Trick-or-Treat Child Safety Tips

by mdp | October 24th, 2011

pumpkinThere are a number of factors for parents to consider when deciding where to take their children trick or treating on Halloween, including the safety of the prospective neighborhood and their child’s understanding of safe trick-or-treating rules. Bringing your kids trick or treating is a great tradition that should be enjoyed by parents and children alike, and there are steps to take before and during a trick or treating adventure to ensure that kids have fun and avoid unnecessary harm or injury. Trick or treating should be a fun experience for all children, and by following these ten safety tips, parents can avoid unexpected mishaps that can ruin an enjoyable Halloween night.

Safety Tips for Halloween in Nashville

  1. Have each child wear or carry something lit, such as a flashlight, glow necklace or bracelet, or flashing attire for visibility. No child should trick or treat alone.
  2. Adults should plan out a route in advance and check it during daylight hours for hazards like broken sidewalks, construction timber, or other obstacles that could injure trick or treaters. Children should always trick or treat in familiar neighborhoods or areas.
  3. Require children to wear well-fitting shoes, preferably sneakers. Kids planning to go trick or treating should wear sturdy shoes and not the princess high heels or other types of shoes sold with costumes in stores. Save those types of shoes for costume parties, not for trick or treating.
  4. Only trick or treat at houses that are lit. Residents who do not wish to be bothered by trick or treaters often leave their lights off as a sign. Respect their preference and protect your child’s safety by avoiding these houses.
  5. Avoid costumes that drag on the ground. Although capes and long skirts may look cute in the store, costumes that drag on the ground can get caught in bushes or pose a tripping hazard for children while trick or treating.
  6. Be sure that a child’s mask allows full visibility and breathing. Some Halloween masks have only small eye slits and no openings for the nose and mouth. Parents should have their children try on the masks for size and should cut larger openings to allow the child to see and breathe easily. If possible, find a mask that “breathes” and is easy to put on and take off.
  7. Only carry flexible props like swords or knives, that can’t cause injury if the child accidentally falls. No play prop should resemble the real thing, and parents may want to consider leaving play weapons at home during trick or treating.
  8. Be sure that children are well-hydrated and don’t over-heat. Plan costumes according to weather so your child isn’t wearing a costume with heavy fur in hot temperatures or a skimpy fairy costume when it’s cold out.
  9. Keep track of time and don’t trick or treat after 9pm. This curfew allows children plenty of time to trick or treat and gets them back home at a reasonable time.
  10. Never allow children to eat candy before it is inspected. Any opened candy should be thrown away, and it is also recommended that you dispose of homemade treats from strangers.

Give Your Child a Safe Nashville Halloween Experience!

As the ghoulish holiday nears, children across Tennessee are gearing up to put their great Halloween costumes on display and haul home an impressive collection of candy. By keeping these Halloween child safety tips in mind, there’s no reason why parents can’t make sure kids have a fun-filled Halloween night without encountering an avoidable injury or mishap. Make sure your children are wearing comfortable, flame-retardant costumes that allow them to move freely and don’t trip them up while walking around your neighborhood. By practicing these top ten trick-or-treat child safety tips, parents can give their children the safest and most enjoyable Halloween experience yet!

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