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The Three Levels of Responsibility for Tennessee Property Owners

by Staff Blogger | October 25th, 2017

Anyone who owns property in Tennessee is responsible for making sure it’s safe for visitors. To achieve that, property owners are required to do everything in their power to remove or repair any potential dangers before visitors encounter them.

Premises liability extends to all property owners in the state, including homeowners, land owners, and business owners. However, the levels of responsibility they must uphold to keep guests and visitors safe vary depending on who is on their properties.

The three classifications of people who enter properties and the levels of responsibility property owners owe them include:

  • Invitees – These visitors are owed the highest duty of care and include people who visit properties for business purposes, including customers in stores or restaurants.
  • Licensees – These visitors are owed the second-highest duty of care and include social guests at both businesses and private residences.
  • Trespassers – Although they’re uninvited and may be entering a property illegally, property owners still must attend to situations or conditions that could potentially harm trespassers.

Additionally, property owners are responsible for making sure all children—including uninvited children—won’t encounter harm or danger on their properties.

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