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SSD Benefits: Knowing Where to Turn for Help

by Staff Blogger | June 30th, 2017

One of the first things we teach our children is where they can go for help. It’s important they know who they can trust and where they can turn when things go badly. As adults, we often forget that there are places we can turn for help as well. For many disabled Nashvillians, one lifeline has been Social Security Disability benefits–a guaranteed monthly check that helps them make ends meet. Unfortunately, securing those benefits isn’t as easy as filling out a form or paying a visit to a government building. It can be a long, complicated process that may very well end in a denial.

More than two-thirds of all initial Social Security Disability applications are denied. It can happen for a number of reasons, some of which might seem minor during the application process. That denial can be a crushing blow to someone who doesn’t know how they’re going to survive without benefits. Thankfully, those who are denied can appeal that decision, and with the right help, secure benefits for years to come. At Ponce Law, we’re proud to help disabled folks in our community with their SSD appeals, and we’d love to help you as well.

If you’ve been denied benefits, call our experienced Nashville Social Security Disability attorneys today for a free consultation. We’ll review your application for free, and if we feel we can help, we’ll do so at no cost until we get benefits for you. Contact us today.

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