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Negligent Swimming Pool Owners Can Cause Many Types of Injuries

by Staff Blogger | August 25th, 2021

When you visit a swimming pool, whether it’s owned by a friend, family member, hotel, or governmental body, you expect to be safe from hazards. But despite being potentially dangerous places for kids and adults alike, not all swimming pools are properly maintained to maximize guests’ safety.

Potential injuries that can occur at swimming pools include:

  • Slip and fall injuries—The area around swimming pools should be kept clear of trip hazards, and the ground should be made of a material that doesn’t get too slippery when it’s wet.
  • Cuts—Broken glass is a major hazard near swimming pools. It’s banned at most public pools, and when it isn’t, guests can be seriously injured if they step on broken shards.
  • Chemical burns—Chlorine and other cleaning chemicals are necessary to keep pools in usable condition, but they must be used in the right amount. When too much is used, guests can be seriously injured.
  • Illnesses—On the flip side, when pools aren’t cleaned properly or too little chlorine is used, the water can become full of harmful bacteria and viruses that can make guests sick or develop infections.
  • Drowning—The most tragic of all swimming pool incidents, drowning is a major risk factor for children when lifeguards aren’t present or when pools aren’t properly fenced in and inaccessible to them.

At Ponce Law, we know all too well that idyllic summer days spent poolside can quickly turn tragic when basic safety precautions aren’t followed. When tragedy occurs, it’s our goal to hold negligent property owners accountable. If you or someone you love was injured at a pool this summer, contact our Nashville swimming pool accident attorneys today.

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