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Nashville Inventors Help Improve Response to Car Accidents

by Staff Blogger | May 30th, 2014

Motor vehicle collisions can sometimes be unavoidable. That’s why being able to contact emergency services in the event of such a crash is so important. One Nashville company has created a piece of technology that they hope will revolutionize the way Nashville car accidents are responded to in the future.

The invention connects smartphones to sensors in vehicles. When the sensors are set off, a signal is sent to the device and it automatically contacts an emergency service center to have help sent to the crash scene. An article from News Channel 5 states no directions are necessary either, as the unit uses GPS to pinpoint the location of the crash and then sends the coordinates to emergency services.

The inventors of the device say it can be especially useful in a crash if the driver is unconscious or immobile. Other times, cellphones can be lost or difficult to locate if they were thrown around in the vehicle during the crash.

The company, called SplitSecnd, is promoting the devices use by giving away 100 units to local teens this who pledge to drive safe.

Our Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law understand the importance of staying safe behind the wheel and encourage motorists to consider the use of a product like what SplitSecnd has to offer.