Car Accident Injury

What Compensation Is Available for Auto Accident Victims?

by Staff Blogger | January 13th, 2020

After suffering a crash-related injury, most victims have two priorities: getting better and getting compensation. In addition to being stressful, auto accidents also have the potential to cause serious and disabling injuries. The costs of auto accidents can be overwhelming. When crashes are caused by someone else’s negligence, victims can pursue compensation to cover some or all of their accident-related expenses.

Compensation that victims can recover includes:

  • Medical bills – Medical costs after a crash start adding up immediately, especially if victims are transported to the hospital in ambulances. From there, costs may skyrocket due to surgical procedures, overnight stays in the hospital, physical rehabilitation, and more.
  • Lost wages – When victims are too hurt to work, they lose the paychecks they and their loved ones depend on. Serious injuries may even be permanently disabling, making it impossible for victims to return to work.
  • Property damage When your vehicle is damaged in a crash with a careless driver, you deserve compensation for any repair bills you have encountered.
  • Pain and suffering – Auto accidents are just as traumatic as they are painful. The mental, emotional, and physical toll of a crash can be too much for many victims to bear, resulting in a significant impact on their quality of life and ability to enjoy their favorite activities.

These are just a few of the costs someone might face after being involved in a serious crash. If you have been injured in an auto accident, you should always consider your legal options to be sure you are getting the compensation you are entitled to.

The Nashville auto accident attorneys at Ponce Law know how disruptive car crashes can be to the lives of victims and their loved ones. That’s why we do everything in our power to get them maximum compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help your family. Put our team’s experience to work on your behalf.

Six Ways to Keep Yourself Safe During Thanksgiving Travels

by Staff Blogger | November 23rd, 2015

Holiday traffic can be a hassle to say the least. You may be caught in the long holding patterns created by backed up lanes of travelers. Worse yet, increased congestion also increases the chances of a car accident.

If you’re going to be on the road this Thanksgiving, the Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law say you should be prepared for heavier traffic than usual. In fact, more travelers will be on the road this Thanksgiving than in years past.

WKRN 2 News says the AAA Foundation has estimated 46.9 million Americans will take to the road over the next several days. This is an increase from last year’s travel estimate, and it wasn’t the only statistic that was expected to rise. The National Safety Council announced they believe 433 motorists will die and another 52,300 will be seriously injured in motor vehicle collisions this Thanksgiving holiday, which is also an increase from last year’s estimate.

To help you avoid an accident this Thanksgiving, we’d like to offer these six suggestions:

  • Have all vehicle maintenance performed before leaving
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Buckle up
  • Slow down
  • Don’t drink and drive

At Ponce Law, we’re aware that not all accidents can be avoided, especially when a crash is the fault of another driver. That’s why we would also encourage you to check out our website to learn more about what to do after an auto accident. Doing so could give you the insight you need to handle certain situations in the event a crash does happen.

Fines for Seatbelt Violations Set To Increase in Tennessee for 2016

by Staff Blogger | November 20th, 2015

The Nashville car accident attorneys at Ponce Law point out that estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show buckling up can reduce your chances of injury or death in a crash by as much as half.

Yet each year, as many as 14 percent of Tennessee drivers put themselves at risk of harm by not wearing their seatbelts, and the number of drivers who don’t buckle up continues to grow. The University of Tennessee Center for Transportation Research found seat belt usage in The Volunteer State has decreased 1.5 percent from 2014.

Laws require drivers and passengers to fasten their seatbelts, but the current penalties are hardly a deterrent with $10-$20 in fines. That’s why lawmakers have approved a bill that will increase the punishment for motorists who don’t wear seatbelts.

WKRN 2 News reports that beginning in Jan. 2016, the fines for seatbelt violations in Tennessee will increase to $25 for a first offense and $50 for subsequent offenses. The state will also continue utilizing the “Click It or Ticket” campaign as a means of educating motorists about the importance of buckling up.

The legal staff at Ponce Law recognizes the important role seatbelts play in saving lives on the road, which is why our Nashville personal injury lawyers encourage you to buckle up each time you get in a car. Doing so doesn’t just save you money, it could also save your life.

Fundraising Concert Held to Assist Car Accident Injury Victim

by Staff Blogger | January 19th, 2015

If there’s one thing we know about at Ponce Law, it’s how difficult it can be to recover from car accident injuries—both physically and financially. Luckily for one woman who was seriously injured in a recent car crash, help is available.

Reports from ABC 2 News state that on Dec. 14, 2014, the 27-year-old victim was traveling through Argentina when the car she was riding in was struck head-on by another vehicle. The woman suffered serious head and lung injuries as a result of the crash. Ten days later, she was placed in a medically induced coma and transported to back to Nashville from Argentina via ambulatory airplane. She continues to recover at a local hospital.

As you can imagine, the woman’s medical bills have swelled significantly in the past several weeks, but a concert was held at 12th & Porter in Nashville on Friday to help raise money to cover her treatment costs.

Ponce Law’s team of Goodlettsville car accident lawyers are hopeful the victim can get the help she needs. If you want to contribute, a crowd funding website has been established for her cause. And if you or a loved one needs help after a serious car accident injury, our legal team wants to help—just call 615-244-4325.

Proposed LSV Regulations Aim to Help Prevent Nashville Car Accidents

by Staff Blogger | January 2nd, 2015

Let’s face it, getting around downtown Nashville isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Between traffic congestion and the bustle of pedestrians making their way across the streets, avoiding Nashville car accidents can be a feat. The task has become even more complicated by the emergence of a new type of vehicle on downtown roads—the low speed vehicle (LSV).

LSVs are often used to shuttle individuals short distances or provide tours of the downtown area. The problem is, these vehicles fit into a grey area of regulation—and liability.

The slow moving vehicles are small and travel along the side of the street, which can make them difficult to see and more prone to collisions. And in the event of a crash, the vehicles offer little protection to passengers.

These are just a few reasons why the city is proposing new regulations for these vehicles. According to WKRN 2 News, officials have suggested the following rules for operating LSVs:

  • Drivers must submit to a background check.
  • Vehicles must be inspected annually.
  • Annual license renewal.
  • Insurance limits of at least $20,000 of bodily injury coverage per person, $50,000 in coverage per accident, and $15,000 in property damage coverage.

At Ponce Law, we’ve seen the detrimental effects accidents can have on an individual’s life. That’s why our Nashville personal injury attorneys are hopeful to see regulations put in place that better protect those who choose to use LSVs as a means of transportation around Nashville.

Guardrails May Put Nashville Drivers at Risk of Serious Car Accident Injuries

by Staff Blogger | December 10th, 2014

Guardrails are designed to protect motorists in the event of a crash, but new research has shown that the design of guardrails used across the country—including here in Nashville—may put drivers at risk of car accident injuries or death.

Studies have shown the ET-Plus End Terminals designed by Texas-based company, Trinity Industries, are several inches shorter than the models submitted for approval. This difference in length prevents the guardrails from properly crumbling when struck by motor vehicles, which can cause them to penetrate vehicles and harm drivers and their passengers.

These failures have led to several wrongful death lawsuits against the company, including one stemming from a Tennessee car accident.

The guardrails in question are in use on roadways around Music City. An article from WSMV News says Metro officials have noted at least 20 of the faulty rails around the city.

As of now, nothing has been done about the problem. Four states have already banned the use of the faulty equipment, but Metro officials say they are waiting on the results of new crash testing before deciding whether or not to replace the guardrails.

The Nashville personal injury lawyers with Ponce Law encourage you to speak to an experienced law firm if you were injured in a crash caused by a guardrail. Our team is ready to help 24/7—just call 615-244-4325.

State Officials Investigating Safety Concerns Along I-440 in Nashville

by Staff Blogger | February 24th, 2014

February 24, 2014

There are many reasons that can be given as the cause of a motor vehicle accident, but poor infrastructure design has been listed as a contributing factor in Nashville Car Accidents occurring along a particular stretch of highway.

In Aug. 2011, a driver reported driving along I-440 when a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction lost control and crashed over the median of the highway. The vehicle then struck a truck, killing its 50-year-old driver. Then, last summer, a similar incident occurred on the highway near the Murphy Road exit. In all, a total of 11 crashes involving a vehicle crossing the median of the highway have occurred along I-440 since 2008.

In an effort to correct the problem, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has began investigating what actions could be taken to improve safety and reduce crash numbers along the highway. Their team is looking at problematic hills and curves in the road that could be corrected through infrastructure improvements and equipment upgrades, such as new guardrails. Read more about the proposed safety projects here.

Michael D. Ponce & Associates and their team of Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers recognize the dangers faulty road design can pose to motorists and are hopeful safety improvement projects are approved along I-440 in order to keep motorists safe!