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Damaged Roads Cause Danger in the Wake of Winter Storms

by Staff Blogger | February 23rd, 2015

With the snow and ice beginning to dissipate, motorists on Middle Tennessee’s roads are beginning to get some relief. However, the Goodlettsville car accident lawyers with Ponce Law point damage has been done to the roads while clearing the ice and snow, causing a new set of problems for drivers.

Potholes have been popping up along roads across Middle Tennessee over the past several days. Potholes can cause serious damage to your vehicle and they have been responsible for causing wrecks in the past. Drivers can lose control of a vehicle after striking a pothole due to the impact or damage done to the vehicle—such as a blown tire.

According to an article from News Channel 5, numerous motorists have been left stranded along the side of the road in recent days after hitting large potholes. One driver described the impact as shaking his whole car.

While the Tennessee Department of Transportation is beginning to repair damaged roads as soon as possible, the Nashville personal injury lawyers from Ponce Law want to remind motorists of the importance of safety while driving. Be vigilant for damaged roads and obey the posted speed limit. This should allow you enough time to avoid a hole in the road safely. If you come across a pothole in your area, be sure to report it to TDOT or your local officials.

Vote for Your Favorite Highway Safety Slogan

by Staff Blogger | January 28th, 2015

Motor vehicle safety is currently a top priority in Tennessee, and most experts agree that getting the public aware and involved in improving safety is one of the best ways to keep the trend going. That’s why the state has launched a contest for Tennesseans to come up with new slogans to go on the 163 electronic road signs dispersed along highways throughout the state.

The Goodlettsville car accident lawyers with Ponce Law explain that state officials asked Tennesseans to submit their most catchy safety slogans so the best could be voted on for use on signage in the state. Since then, more than 3,400 entries were submitted, and they have been narrowed down to the 15 best phrases.

Now you can do your part to improve highway safety in Tennessee by voting for your favorite safety slogan. Just go to the Tennessee Department of Transportation website, read through the choices of safety slogans, and then click on the box next to your favorite. Voting will take place until Feb. 6 and the winning messages will be posted online the following week.

At Ponce Law, we recognize the importance of highway safety. That’s why our Tennessee personal injury lawyers are hopeful you’ll do your part to contribute by voting on your favorite safety slogan.

Fundraising Concert Held to Assist Car Accident Injury Victim

by Staff Blogger | January 19th, 2015

If there’s one thing we know about at Ponce Law, it’s how difficult it can be to recover from car accident injuries—both physically and financially. Luckily for one woman who was seriously injured in a recent car crash, help is available.

Reports from ABC 2 News state that on Dec. 14, 2014, the 27-year-old victim was traveling through Argentina when the car she was riding in was struck head-on by another vehicle. The woman suffered serious head and lung injuries as a result of the crash. Ten days later, she was placed in a medically induced coma and transported to back to Nashville from Argentina via ambulatory airplane. She continues to recover at a local hospital.

As you can imagine, the woman’s medical bills have swelled significantly in the past several weeks, but a concert was held at 12th & Porter in Nashville on Friday to help raise money to cover her treatment costs.

Ponce Law’s team of Goodlettsville car accident lawyers are hopeful the victim can get the help she needs. If you want to contribute, a crowd funding website has been established for her cause. And if you or a loved one needs help after a serious car accident injury, our legal team wants to help—just call 615-244-4325.

Tennessee Working Toward Zero Holiday Drunk Driving Fatalities

by Staff Blogger | December 17th, 2014

Drunk driving accident numbers tend to swell around holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and statistics from the National Safety Council show 42 percent of traffic fatalities around New Year’ Eve are caused by intoxicated motorists. Furthermore, 35 percent of deaths resulting from car accidents on Christmas are the result of drunk driving.

To help reduce Tennessee drunk driving accident totals, the month of December has been named as Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Month. As part of the campaign, law enforcement across Tennessee will be working to educate the public about the dangers of driving while intoxicated, as well as taking inebriated motorists off the road.

Reports from WGNS News Radio state that the Governor’s Highway Safety Office recently announced it’s partnership with local law enforcement offices in their goal to have zero fatalities due to traffic accidents in the last few weeks of this year. Officials urged citizens to celebrate responsibly by never getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming anything that could impair your judgment. Instead, establish a designated driver or utilize a taxi to get home safely.

At Ponce Law, our team of Goodlettsville car accident attorneys has seen the devastating results that drinking and driving can have. That’s why we urge you to heed the advice being given by state officials not to drink and drive. Doing so will help to ensure you and your family have a safe and happy holiday!

Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips

by Staff Blogger | November 17th, 2014

If you live in Middle Tennessee, it’s likely you woke up to sleet and or snow this morning. This winter precipitation not only means a season change is upon us again, but also that it’s time to begin preparations for driving in slick or snowy conditions.

At Ponce Law, our team of Goodlettsville car accident lawyers offer these tips for safe winter driving:

  • Stay Home– If road conditions are deteriorating, stay off the roads if possible and wait for the weather to clear.
  • Do Your Homework– If you must get out in bad weather, know the conditions of the roads and highways you’re planning to travel. In Tennessee, you can use the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s SmartWay maps to find this information.
  • Prepare Your Vehicle– Make sure your tires have plenty of tread and your brakes are working properly before driving on snow or ice. Be sure to check that your windshield wipers and lights are working properly as well.
  • Prepare Yourself– When traveling in bad weather, it’s wise to prepare for the worst by bringing along cold weather gear and supplies in case of emergency. This can include blankets, flashlights, food, and water.

The Tennessee personal injury attorneys at Ponce Law hope these tips help keep you and your loved ones safe throughout the winter.