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Three Ways to Prevent Accidents at Railroad Crossings

by Staff Blogger | July 14th, 2014

Railroads have transported people and products across the United States for nearly two centuries. But as the number of vehicles on the road has grown, so have the number of collisions between trains and motor vehicles.

The Department of Transportation shows that between Jan. 2013 and today, there have been 27 collisions between trains and motor vehicles in Tennessee. One of the more recent occurred in Bellevue on a set of tracks crossing McCrory Lane and Highway 70.

The Nashville train accident happened when a vehicle carrying a group of local teens began to cross the tracks but failed to recognize an oncoming train. A woman was also injured in a similar incident at the crossing just weeks before.

An article from News Channel 5 says to help prevent accidents at rail crossings, several upgrades are being implemented. These improvements include new lights, crossing arms, and a turn lane at the intersection.

The Nashville personal injury lawyers with Ponce Law would like to remind you of several other actions you can take to reduce accidents involving trains, such as:

  • Stopping-You should bring your vehicle to a halt before crossing any train tracks, even if there are no signals of an oncoming train.
  • Looking– After the vehicle has stopped, look down the tracks in both directions to ensure there are no trains.
  • Listening– Rolling down your windows and turning down the stereo or other loud noises in the vehicle will help you to hear an oncoming train before you can see it.

We hope these tips help to keep you and your loved ones safe at railroad crossings.