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Who Can Be Held Liable for ATV Injuries?

by Staff Blogger | October 28th, 2020

Fall is here, and that means there’s no better time to ride an ATV through the beautiful Middle Tennessee landscape than right now. But it’s important for all ATV owners and riders to remember that these vehicles aren’t toys. When they aren’t treated with respect and extreme caution, serious injuries can and do occur to both drivers and passengers.

But what happens when someone is injured in an ATV accident—especially if it wasn’t their fault? At Ponce Law, we build claims for those victims just as we do for people who are hurt in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, and other vehicle accidents. That means we collect evidence to prove who was at fault, determine how much money our client is owed, and demand full payment from the insurance company.

Liable parties in ATV accidents can include:

  • ATV drivers—Many ATVs can comfortably seat two or even three people. Some utility ATVs even have backrows with seating up for four or more passengers. Those passengers trust the driver with their safety and even their lives, and when drivers fail to observe basic safety precautions, they can be held liable if they crash.
  • Passengers—Passengers aren’t always innocent after crashes. Sometimes, passengers do things that distract or interfere with drivers’ ability to safely control their ATVs. Common examples would be pulling on the handle bars or steering wheel or pushing/pulling drivers unnecessarily while the vehicle is in motion.

These are just two common examples. Other potentially liable parties include vehicle drivers, pedestrians, private landowners, and even governmental agencies. If you or someone you love was hurt in an ATV crash, contact our Nashville ATV accident lawyers today for a free consultation.