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Tips for Safely Bicycling to Work

by Staff Blogger | June 22nd, 2022

Nashville isn’t known for being a particularly bicyclist-friendly city. In fact, a study in May 2022 found that Nashville is one of the least bike-friendly cities in the U.S. due to having relatively few cycling resources and a less bikeable metro area compared to other cities.

Although Nashville is no cyclist’s utopia, riding a bike around town or as part of your daily commute can be done safely. But to make your rides safer, you’ll need to follow a few important steps to reduce your risks. These steps include:

1.Wear a helmet.

Head injuries can be fatal when you’re involved in a crash while riding your bicycle. Wearing a properly-fitted helmet can save your life.

2.Use reflectors and wear reflective/brightly colored clothing.

Equip your bike with reflectors, which are useful both at night and during the day. And while you may not be able to wear flashy colors to your job, wearing a brightly colored and reflective vest or helmet can make it much easier for drivers to spot you on the road.

3. Learn and use bicycle hand signals.

Drivers rely on turn signals and brake lights to know what other motorists are doing. As a bicyclist, it’s important to let drivers know what you’re doing, too. That means using hand signals:

  • Left turn—Extend your left arm out in a straight line pointing to your left.
  • Right turn—Hold your left arm up at a 90-degree angle or extend your right arm out in a straight line pointing to your right.
  • Stop—Hold your left arm down at a 90-degree angle.

Other important safety tips include using side roads when available, watching for opening car doors when riding near parked cars, and giving yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.

Hurt in an accident while riding your bike? Ponce Law’s got your back. Contact us today to get in touch with our experienced and dedicated Nashville bicycle accident lawyers.

Bicyclists: Be Wary of These Dangers on Nashville’s Roadways

by Staff Blogger | June 29th, 2020

Many cities, Nashville included, have made strides to become more bicyclist-friendly in recent years. The upsides of more people riding bicycles are obvious: less pollution, less need for parking spaces, and less traffic overall. However, the combination of bicyclists and cars, trucks, and SUVs all sharing the same roads can mean a greater risk of serious accidents—often at the expense of people traveling on two wheels.

Whether you bike daily or occasionally, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and hazards you face while pedaling. They include:

  • Inattentive motorists—By far the biggest risk facing bicyclists is drivers who don’t see them. Make sure your bike has reflectors equipped, that you wear brightly colored clothing, and that you ride cautiously, especially at intersections and on narrow streets.
  • Opening car doors—Many streets in residential areas and in the downtown area have street parking. When riding near parked cars, bicyclists run the risk of being injured by opening car doors. To reduce your risk, ride slower and further from vehicles if space allows.
  • Road debris and other hazards—Only 7% of bicycle accidents involve colliding with other vehicles. The rest involve bicyclists falling from their bikes or striking objects and hazards in their paths. Be on the lookout for hazards such as potholes, oil slicks, puddles, and fallen tree limbs while riding to stay safe.

At Ponce Law, it’s our goal to uphold the rights of anyone hurt on Nashville’s streets, and that includes bicyclists. Get in touch with our Nashville bicycle accident lawyers today if you were injured while riding—we want to help you get compensation for your medical bills and lost wages.

Don’t Forgo Compensation After a Bicycle Injury

by Staff Blogger | April 13th, 2020

Whether you bike around town for exercise or as a way of commuting to and from work or school, you know that Nashville’s roads aren’t always the most welcoming places for bicyclists. Even streets with dedicated bike lanes can put cyclists at risk, especially when drivers don’t pay attention or are distracted by their cell phones and other devices. Bicycle accidents result in serious injuries, and that’s why it’s important for injured riders to seek legal representation.

At Ponce Law, our Nashville bicycle accident attorneys believe that riders have every right to use the city’s streets and roads, provided that riding on them is permissible by law. However, many drivers are impatient when driving around bicyclists. They may attempt to pass them in ways that endanger cyclists, or they may fail to give them enough room to maneuver.

It’s our goal to help injured bicyclists get maximum compensation after accidents that weren’t their fault—especially when they were caused by negligent motorists. We know that bicyclists often feel helpless and underrepresented after crashes, and they may believe that others don’t take their injuries seriously. Our own Michael Ponce is an avid cyclist, and the entire firm believes in advocating for the rights of cyclists every chance we get.

If you were hurt in a bicycle accident that wasn’t your fault, we want to speak with you. You have rights to pursue maximum compensation for things like medical bills and lost wages, and it’s our goal to help you get every penny you’re owed. Contact us today for a free consultation.

4 Nashville Bike Month Events Worth Checking Out

by Staff Blogger | May 7th, 2014

Bicycling has become more popular than ever before in the Nashville area, and May has been named Nashville Bike Month to help raise bicycle awareness. The personal injury lawyers with Ponce Law would like to tell you about several of the upcoming Bike Month events taking place over the next few weeks:

  1. Ride For Reading Week Book Delivery- The event will begin at 1 p.m. on May 7 on Division Street. Participants will then ride four miles to Napier Elementary School where they will be met by city officials and children to collect donated books.
  2. Team Ride For Reading Social Ride- On Thursday, May 8, participants will meet at 2901 Bell Road at 5:30 p.m. to partake in a ride with professional mountain biker, Dejay Birtch.
  3. Bike To Work Day- On Friday, May 16, commuters are encouraged to ditch their cars and hop on their bikes to get to their place of employment. As an extra incentive, breakfast will be provided at the courthouse by Bagleface Bakery and Bongo Java.
  4. Tour de Nash- One of the most iconic rides in Nashville will take place on Saturday, May 17, under the sponsorship of Walk/Bike Nashville.

The team of attorneys with Michael D. Ponce & Associates would like to remind those participating in these events of the importance of always wearing a helmet. Doing so can significantly decrease the chances of injury or death in the event of an accident.