Nashville Distracted Driving Lawyer

Nashville Car Accident Lawyers Discuss New Trend in Distracted Driving

by Staff Blogger | November 15th, 2013

November 15, 2013

Distracted driving is a major problem on the highways of Tennessee, especially among teenage motorists. A Pew Research Center study found 34 percent of 16-17-year-old drivers admitted to texting and driving, with as many as 77 percent of teen participants saying they could safely text and drive.

The Nashville Car Accident Lawyers with Ponce Law explain that despite this false sense of safety, a total of 65 teens lost their lives on Tennessee roadways last year. Many of those fatalities were attributed to distracted driving.

A new trend in distracted driving may be contributing to the high fatality rates associated with the behavior. According to an article from WSMV 4 News, millions of photos are popping up on social media networks of users snapping images of themselves while behind the wheel of vehicles. The behavior, known as taking a “selfie”, can present serious dangers considering the amount of time the driver’s eyes are off the road. Some of those taking the photos are aware of how risky the behavior is and acknowledge it by adding the caption #livingdangerously.

The trend has parents questioning what they can do to keep their teens safe. Michael D. Ponce & Associates and their team of Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers urge parents to address the numerous dangers of distracted driving with their teens by consistently discussing the issue candidly and honestly.