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Pharmacy Responsible for Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Facing Criminal Penalties

by Staff Blogger | December 5th, 2014

Manufacturers of medications in the United States must adhere to strict hygiene and safety regulations when creating their products. Otherwise, they could face both criminal and civil penalties.

The owners of one Tennessee compounding pharmacy recently pleaded guilty to charges of making and distributing a contaminated drug last year that resulted in a fungal meningitis outbreak. The medication was responsible for sickening as many as 26 patients who received the tainted steroid injections from the pharmacy.

According to reports from The Tennessean, the owner of Main Street Family Pharmacy in Newbern, Tennessee, and his wife pleaded guilty in a Memphis courtroom to violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which states that companies cannot put unsafe products on the market. The convictions came after U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulators inspected the pharmacy’s compounding facility in May and June 2013. The pharmacy failed to properly sanitize and disinfect the rooms and equipment used to compound drugs. Furthermore, the pharmacy failed to properly test their products for safety.

As a result, both the owner and his wife were sentenced to 12 months probation and as much as $50,000 in fines. The pharmacy also isn’t allowed to operate until it meets state and federal health standards.

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One Arrest Made in the Wake of the 2012 Tennessee Fungal Meningitis Outbreak

by Staff Blogger | September 17th, 2014

In 2012, a Fungal Meningitis outbreak caused by contaminated steroid injections was responsible for claiming dozens of lives and leaving hundreds of others ill. Now, it seems progress is being made in criminally prosecuting those responsible for creating the contaminated drugs.

According to WKRN 2 News, the pharmacist responsible for creating the contaminated steroid injections that were manufactured at the New England Compounding Center has been arrested as he was preparing to board a flight for Hong Kong. Federal officials claim the 46-year-old man was responsible for fraudulently maintaining sanitation logs and failing to practice standard sanitation practices while mixing medications. The man is currently facing one count of mail fraud, but could face more charges later.

While criminal prosecution may be satisfying to many victims, it can’t pay them back for the damages caused by the outbreak.

However, the civil justice system allows people affected by acts of negligence like this one to seek compensation for their damages. If you’ve been harmed by the negligence of another, our Tennessee personal injury lawyers are here to help you. Call Ponce Law today at 615-244-4321 to learn more about what we can do for you.

More Lawsuits Filed in Connection With Fungal Meningitis Outbreaks

by Staff Blogger | February 14th, 2014

February 14, 2014

Drug manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe. Failure to do so can result in costly penalties and civil litigation being filed against the responsible parties.

One such case stems from the thousands of steroid injections distributed by a Massachusetts compounding center that contained a fungus which sickened hundreds and claimed the lives of 16 Tennesseans.

Now, thousands of claims are being filed against the compounding center responsible for the Fungal Meningitis Outbreak. Included in those lawsuits is one filed by Saint Thomas Outpatient Neurosurgical Center for $1.17 billion. An article from The Tennessean stated the Specialty Surgery Center of Crossville has filed a similar claim for $240 million, while an affiliate with the facility is seeking an additional $25 million. Experts say $100 million may be all that is available to the victims of the outbreak, however.

The claims were filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Boston, and the first trials in the case are expected to begin in the coming months.

The Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers with Ponce Law are aware of how difficult recovering from drug injuries can be. That is why the firm is hopeful a resolution to these cases brings a sense of closure to the victims of the outbreak and their families.

Victims of Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Asked to Register Their Information

by Staff Blogger | December 4th, 2013

December 4, 2013

Last year, several tainted batches of steroid injections were released to the public, leading to a deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis. In all, 751 people were sickened in 20 states, resulting in the deaths of 64 patients. Sixteen of those fatalities occurred in Tennessee.

The Nashville Fungal Meningitis Lawyers with Ponce Law explain the outbreak has prompted several investigations, including examinations by federal officials. Now, in an effort to record each case associated with the outbreak, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is asking victims to register their information into a database.

According to an article published by The Tennessean, the FBI is seeking more information from the victims by having them answer a questionnaire posted on the agency’s website. Some of the questions ask victims to detail their illness and what effects it had, as well as if victims believe any other medications distributed by the facility responsible for the contaminated injections caused them harm.

No charges have been filed, but officials have stated the investigation is ongoing and active. Meanwhile, several victims have filed civil litigation against those allegedly responsible for causing the outbreak.

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